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We are tech experts with a passion for designing and developing software for the global research community

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Solutions for the entire research life-cycle
endpoint iQ are trusted software providers for the global health and research community

Research Management

We provide fully integrated systems allow institutions to manage projects from application to publication and beyond. Our solutions increase organisational governance and efficiency without increasing administrative burden.

Data Management

Our enterprise grade data management platform allows researchers and organisations to ingest heterogeneous data-sets and store them securely. Users and collaborators can join and analyse any type of data without the need for IT.

Digital Health

We provide digital health solutions targeting online or mobile based platforms. As tech specialists in the life sciencies industry, we utilise our network and domain knowledge to deliver successful products to market.

Custom Software

We are trusted partners for custom (project specific) software. Fully supported, rapid implmentation will get your research ideas, clinical database or administrative workflow off the whiteboard and into production fast.

About us

We create high quality software tailored for the health and research sector

We are proud to be owned by one of Australia's largest medical research institutes, the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute. Ultimately, our profits are redirected back into medical research to provide benefit for the entire community.

Mature systems

Our bespoke research management software has worked seamlessly for over 6 years. Our end users and their collaborators are strong advocates of our technology.

Multi disciplinary experience

Our unique company background in research management and contemporary software development means you get the know-how needed to implement software in any environment.

Collaborative network

endpoint iQ is embedded in the health and research community so our products and services continue to evolve according to the sector. We draw on experience from broad network to bring you best of breed software.

Services and solutions

Turn-key solutions written for health and research organisations

RAS - Research Administration Suite

The RAS allows organisations to manage every aspect of research projects within a single online system. The success of RAS is underpinned by empowering researchers to access their finances, contracts, applications, invoices and publications anywhere in the world without the need for administrative support!

For its clients, the RAS provides ongoing return on investment through significant improvements in operational overheads and strengthened compliance. The RAS provides simple, yet powerful reporting tailored for researchers, administrators and boards.

The system integrates with leading financial packages, HR systems and document management systems to provide a single source of truth for research management. Information is stored securely in enterprise grade databases and can hosted on premises on in the cloud. The system is flexible to be customised for your specific organisational workflows.

  • Realtime project financials
  • Grant application (approvals/tracking)
  • Legal agreement workflow
  • Online Access Repository
  • Grant/Commercial invoicing
  • RGMS integration
  • Organisational performance dashboard
  • Milestone and acquittal tracking
  • Customisable reporting
  • and more...

Research ethics approvals and workflows can be complex and inefficient. eForms streamlines research approvals and bolsters regulatory compliance.

Systems to manage ethics, bio-safety and governance often exist across multiple departments and systems - most of which are paper and spreadsheet based. eForms consolidates these processes into a single online system giving researchers, administrators and committees instant access to project workflow and status. The system complies with all relevant Australian codes and regulatory frameworks for human and animal ethics as well as bio-safety (OGTR) submissions.

eForms has been architected to reduce administrative burden by eliminating repetition across submissions. This concept helps reduce frustration and demonstrated improved approval timelines for research projects.

Managing Work health and safety in hazardous environments is complex. eForms provides a comprehensive risk management tool for this purpose. A sophisticated signoff process ensures that staff are compliant with the latest risk assessments relating to their projects.

  • Human ethics
  • HREA (coming soon)
  • Animal ethics
  • Institutional Bio-safety
  • Hazardous chemicals (Global list)
  • Project risk assessments
  • Monitor project signoff
  • Governance workflow
  • Stringent versioning and snapshotting
  • Tracked changes for committee review
  • Virtual committee support
  • Monitor approval KPIs

Storing, linking and analysing disperate data generally requires the IT department. LabPortal empowers research teams to securely store and analyse data without the IT degree

Labportal is designed as a one-stop shop for all data management needs. Store, link and analyse data from different machines, tests, surveys, collaborators and clinical studies. Data is no longer siloed within the lab or institution limiting access across collaborators and statistical power.

LabPortal eliminates paper forms, orphaned spreadsheets, unsupported Access databases and other online tools that plague academic institutions. Eliminate research teams using grant funds to have databases developed from the ground up and then losing corporate memory when technical staff move on.

LabPortal is not based on open-source software. It is built by expert computer scientists, data managers and researchers with state of the art Microsoft technologies. The system is independently audited and tested for security, performance and quality. LabPortal ensures compliance with funding agreements, ethics and data regulations or the organisation.

  • Heterogeneous data respository
  • Visually link and interrogate
  • No IT database skills required
  • Result sets in real-time
  • Data governance/custodians
  • Online survey builder
  • sas based and mobile and tablet friendly UI
  • Project management
  • Independently audited and secure
  • Fully supported and ongoing enhancements
  • and more...

Rapid, project specific developments for the research sector

endpoint iQ is a traditional software development provider for any project that falls outside the scope of our existing products. We have done everything from online procurement systems to 'the Matrix' which is an example of visualising collaborative research networks within institutions and across the world.

We are particularly interested in hearing about Digital Health related technology and can partner with you for the right project. Utilise our tech expertise (online, mobile and IoT) and your research to create the next generation of e-Health and m-Health products.

We provide dedicated consulting services for any tech related project. From large scale business process improvement and to commercialisation of tech based research projects, we'd love to hear from you.

  • Consulting services
  • Matrix (Research expertise visualiser)
  • Research and organisational KPI dashboards
  • Webget (online procurement)
  • Clinical sample tracking
  • Integrated Intranet
  • Online credit card reconciliation
  • Clinical trial project management
  • Collaborative working agreements

How we work

We understand our sector

Know how

100% built by industry experts.


Products that are written for, and continually evolve with the needs of our sector


We are an agile group that adds value by working in partnership with clients


We are driven by disruptive technology for the health industry

Why choose us ?

Our mission is to be the number one tech solutions provider for the health and research sector.

ENDPOINT IQ HAS a Clear focus

We are a research institute spin-out and our software is designed specifically for the sector. There's no need to 'bend' it and charge you exorbitant fees in the process.

We deliver

It's cliché, but our project managers know how to deliver on time and on budget.

We're passionate

We are passionate about becoming a trusted and well respected brand, renowned for superior quality and advice.

We love collaboration

We strive to innovate and this driven by experts working together in close collaborative relationships.

Friendly support

Rapid and friendly support is essential.

We're responsive

We work directly with our clients to respond to their ongoing needs. Our products are continuously strengthened for all our clients via this process.

Proactive development

Total cost of ownership is capped as we don't continually charge you for upgrades as industry or regulatory requirements change.

Enterprise Grade

Our development technologies are state of the art and well supported. This gives our clients the highest levels of flexibility, scalability and security.

Simple licensing

Annual site licenses allow you to take control of your expenditure. Ongoing product upgrades are included within our plans.


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