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Ethics Simplified, Research Empowered

Streamline Ethics Management with smart forms and efficient approvals

Traditional research ethics management involves large, cumbersome forms and manual approval processes that delay project start-up, increase administrative overheads, and frustrate users.

Conduit revolutionizes this process with a comprehensive SaaS platform trusted for over a decade by large, leading research intensive organisations across Australia and New Zealand. and complex research-intensive organizations.

 Connecting Stakeholders, Accelerating Research

Experience the benefits of Conduit's streamlined data entry, enhanced submission quality, project review tools, and improved auditability across all ethics streams. Unleash your research potential and empower your teams. 

Human Ethics
Animal Ethics

Clinical Trials 
Site specific assessments
Data Management Plans

OGTR (Office of the Gene Technology Regulator)
Biosafety (Haz Chems) 

Skills, Training & competencies

Navigate Ethics Management with confidence and ease

From human ethics to conflicts of interest, Conduit rapidly ensures compliance across ethical principles and standards.

Timely access for everyone

Strengthen oversight across diverse stakeholder groups ensuring nothing gets missed

Intuitive dashboards and notifications

Single source of truth for all forms & protocols, upcoming actions and reliable electronic correspondence. 

Enhance professionalism and culture

Modern user experience and in-app system tools present your organisation professionally to build trust and confidence in your systems.

Effortless Ethics Management for  modern research environments 

Conduit exists to reduce administration burden and review times for research. The system adopts a enter once, use many approach to reduce unnecessary data entry for researchers.

Immediate response

Make timely management decisions and ensure compliance through effective automation and notifications

SOP's and procedures

Digitally record SOP's and procedures in a single, versioned library

Group/portfolio based approvals

Obtain a project group (portfolio) approvals that are applicable to across projects (Hazardous chemicals, OGTR, risk assessments)

Credentialing and training

Techniques(skills) and competency assessment is stored against each member and automatically linked to applications

The Future of Ethics Management, Today

Electronic sign-off's

Certain approvals require project members to acknowledge approval conditions. Conduit's in-application sign-off tools ensure complete compliance with visibility and escalation notifications over member acceptance status.

Point-in-time versioning

If ever there is a need for investigation, users can go back to any point in time to see what the state of a form was and what the conditions of it's approval were.

High priority notifications

Critical notifications arising from incidents like SAE's on a clinical trial can be notified via SMS (for example) according to your policies.

Supercharge your research ethics management

Our SaaS platform transforms the traditional ethics process by replacing cumbersome forms and manual approvals with smart forms, efficient processes, and advanced review tools. Trusted by leading, research-intensive organizations, Conduit streamlines data entry, boosts submission quality, and improves auditability.

Across all ethics streams discover how you can empower stakeholders and unlock research potential.

For researchers

  • Avoid road blocks and approval delays
  • One-stop shop for all ethics  correspondence 
  • Increase visibility across your entire portfolio
  • Eliminate data re-entry
  • Enhance collaboration
  • Clearly articulated forms and validation reduces submission knockbacks
  • Track the status and feedback of project submissions in real-time

For committees and IRBs

  • Dramatically reduce review time with tracked changes view
  • Configurable submission declarations
  • Version control and point in time form history
  • Real-time informal comments enables virtual meetings
  • Streamline review process and electronic approvals
  • Manage conflicts of interest
  • Digital meeting agendas, minutes and official comments

For the research office

  • Reduce approval timelines without sacrificing oversight
  • Full auditability and version control 
  • Compliance across all streams in Australia and New Zealand
  • System support for organisational policies
  • Deep search and ad-hoc reporting capabilities
  • Robust Project version snapshotting 
  • Proven data integrity and auditability
  • Complete visibility over project startup time/approval KPIs

Seamless integration

Dynamic, API driven integrations  promote efficiency and improves data integrity.

Robust and reliable

Whole-of-organisation data integrity and searchability are finally achievable.

Consistent and correct

Integrations with third party systems  reduces manual data entry and opportunity for error.

Configurable notifications

Configurable in-app, email or SMS notifications and escalation pathways.

Advanced in-app form builder

Setup modern, mobile friendly and  intuitively smart forms in minutes. 

Track skills and assess competencies organisation wide

Users skills, training and competencies are tracked against their profile. Examples are fire training, GCP training, driver's licence or advanced animal surgery techniques. Techniques required for a project or procedure can be set by administrators and validated across approvals.

  • Real-time visibility over skills and competencies
  • Assign mandatory skills to SOP's and procedures
  • Configure competency levels for each technique
  • Techniques are assigned to user profiles and assessed
  • Expiry dates and notifications alert on expiry
  • API sync with leading HR or learning management systems

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