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Public researcher profiles in ARP

Posted 17 Jun '21

Public researcher profiles in ARP

We've just expanded the Open Access functionality in ARP to allow our clients to elegantly manage and show case their researcher profiles. These pages are configurable and are displayed according to our clients own style guides.

Importantly it will allow them to showcase important researcher projects and collaborations, research outputs and other client specific elements of the research profile.

Related News

Fair Sight - April 2021 update

FAIR Sight now has a library of reusable dataset templates (surveys and more coming soon) to save time getting your project up and running. You can select a template from the library and copy it directly into a project. Datasets you have created can be added to a private organisation library to be reused in future projects.

Repeatable datasets
Datasets can now include repeating datasets as part of their design. Repeating datasets are used to collect subsets of data that repeat within a given instrument. For example, you may want to collect multiple records of medications administered within a single visit dataset. To use repeating datasets, create a dataset a mark it as repeating then select "Add repeating dataset" in a different dataset.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added - Import and export dataset templates
  • Improved - Extended login session duration
  • Improved - Display of matrix survey question type when viewing on a mobile device
  • Improved - survey response layout when a person question is in use